Thursday, December 15, 2011

a funny thing happened on the way to church...

i'm now the ward historian. that means i'm in charge of recording the happenings of our congregation each year. and to avoid all appearance of hypocrisy i thought it might be a good time to start recording the happenings of our family again :)

there's no better subject to start things off with again than what has been the best thing to happen to our family this christmas season...

singers company!

we love uncle beal. and for so many reasons. she teaches me how to better love my children. she's one of my best friends and everyone's favorite sister and aunt. she really is the best.

and she's been doing this.

so we get to go see this.

and our girlies are as happy as this.

all because of beal.

the end :)

and p.s. i've been driving a passenger van full of little girls to provo every monday since school started so that they could be a part of singers company. and now camille is starting a group in the lehi/highland area on monday afternoons. go here to learn more and register your girlie. it really is spectacular. it even makes jon, mr. bah-humbug himself love christmas :)

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