Saturday, December 31, 2011

diet coke is cheaper than therapy...

and it's also a much better option than staying in bed all day or yelling at our kiddos all day.

jon's gone again...only for a couple of days, but i forgot how difficult winter saturdays can be. and i didn't prepare for it. didn't prep myself emotionally. didn't plan anything for kiddos. no nothin'.

so about an hour ago i packed up our unkempt children and my un-showered self and we headed out. what was the plan? some time out of the house, a diet coke for me and sundaes for them.

and it worked! now we're back at the house and they are painting and listening to the muppets. i am still un-showered and they are still unkempt but i'm not yelling and i feel better. so for me, for today, that equals success.

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