Thursday, May 20, 2010

who and what...

i was reading here tonight after a much needed date with hubby. i felt instantly nostaligic when i saw the video of mary shmich's words that i listened to over and over during my sophomore year of college. it made me think...

of all the time i used to have to think :)
of the person i used to be
and more about who i want to be.

i thought it appropriate to make a list. so i can have it. so i can remember. so i can nail down who and what i really want to be (in no particular order)....

a gracious hostess
a patient mommy
laid back
a knockout wife
well read
a good neighbor
a best sister
in tune
a trusted friend
a consistent runner
a cookbook author
a sunday baker
a kind mommy

that's all i can come up with now that kiddos have come in and interrupted my train of thought :) so maybe actually writing this down will get me closer to embodying these qualities than just thinking about them sometimes.

who and what do you want to be?


  1. I've been wanting to make this list too! But in terms of what the perfect morning is for me and my family. I came to the conclusion that I have to start setting my alarm... :)

  2. At the London temple, there is a tree called the David O. McKay Oak. On the tree is a plaque. This is what it says:

    Living beauty and inspiration,
    Great strength and stability,
    Reaching toward heaven,
    Responsive to God's sunlight,
    Casting friendly and comforting shade,
    Gentle in its contribution to mankind,
    Unmoved by disturbing winds,
    To be remembered.

    That is who I want to be.

  3. (Not the tree, of course!) :)

  4. You know, I never thought of making a list like that. Journal, here I come!

  5. What a neat list! (You are already so many of those things!) I am with Camille, I have been striving to have a better morning for my kids and myself. I just long to be 'me' without the pressures of the world, the peer pressure. I want to be better and do better only for myself. Going to think on this more, thanks for asking the question and getting the wheels spinning.