Sunday, May 23, 2010

get your BBQ on...

i've stayed up nights thinking of ways to thank people for all that's been done for our family, and more specifically for me, this past year with weston. i don't think i exhaled until friday afternoon when i pulled the car into the garage after his cardiology appointment and it hit me that i wouldn't have to lug his oxygen tank around anymore. all i had to do was get our baby out of his carseat and walk inside.

so, we've decided to invite you to a BBQ!

i know it's memorial day, but it's our last chance before things go insane with surgeries and trips and birthdays and workshops. so we get it if you can't make it, but if you can we'd love to see you there.

we'll provide the burgers, dogs and steaks and you just have to let me know what side dish you'll be bringing if you can make it. we've also got a trampoline, swingset and inflatable waterslide (if this weather ever starts acting like it's supposed to) for the kiddos.

when: monday, may 31 at 5pm
where: our house

hope to see you there!

and p.s. if you live in the 'hood, it might be best to just walk on over :)


  1. I haven't really done much to help Weston (although I desperately wanted too) but I still like to pretend I'm on the VIP list and would own the waterslide. Wish I could meet your kiddos! xo.

  2. That's a PERFECT way to thank people! I'll be thinking of you from far away. =o) Sounds fun!

  3. totally there, and we heart you. best news ever about the o2! xo

  4. dinner at your home is not to be missed!

  5. callie, i feel like i haven't done anything physically to help your family, but my cute girls still pray for "isaac's brother" and "(in a whisper) what is that baby's name? weston. oh, bless weston to be healthy." so i SO wish we could be there, but we have that family reunion i told you about. i would LOVE to hang out sometime. we could catch lunch, or come hang out on your super duper water slide, or grab a tasty treat one night... i just really want to chat and catch up. i feel kind of stalkerish because i read your stuff on facebook, and your blog, and really do think and pray for you often, but we haven't gotten to hang out! please let me know if anything would work out! can't wait to see you soon!

  6. aw shucks, i missed this. would've loved to break bread with you again. good luck this week!!

  7. We totally missed this! UGH! How did I forget?! Double UGH!