Wednesday, May 05, 2010

took us long enough....

so teetee got married. it was SUCH a fun day. and jon got some great pictures of the kiddos. you'll see our first family photo a few pics down. i have to say, it was pretty humbling seeing all of those people and realizing that they are ours. humbling and happy and the best kind of good. these are some of my favorites...

and FINALLY, our first ever family picture...pretty importante :)


  1. Bless you for growing a family. I don't know how women like you do it.

  2. I love your family picture! It is an overwhelming feeling, but a good one!

  3. hi. i check in on you every once in a while and should probably introduce myself...
    i'm a huge fan of your hubby and his work. (he photographed our wedding 8 years ago (right out of college)-you two were engaged, i believe and you came with him to our reception in my parent's backyard...lots of info that's not really needed...but it shows at least i'm not some crazy stranger eh?
    anyway, i've really enjoyed reading your blog. you are real and in the thick of motherhood-as am i (and i think life is crazy with two!!!!) i appreciate your perspective, your wisdom, sense of humor and clever posts. keep it up!
    love your first family photo. and that photo of you and weston. what a DOLL!

  4. Wow! Your family picture is amazing.

  5. Oh man...I just love all of it but especially the last two. That was a fun party...specially watching those girls dance, dance, DANCE.

  6. oh my gosh Isac and Weston have matching suites that is so dang cute you have the cutest family:)