Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what's for dinner?

DISCLAIMER: this post will probably be a COMPLETE bore for most. but you see, me and food are tight like this. so it gets lots of attention around here. if you're not into it we can still be friends...maybe :)

i'm running low on photos with all this time in the hospital and so many blog posts. this was the only other food image i had...and i'm pretty sure i was OBSESSED with these potatoes for a week. really, i think i made them for lunch 4 times in a row. sooooooo good.

one of the benefits of being in the PICU this time 'round was getting to do one of my FAVORITE things of all time: plan our meals. i usually only do it a week at a time, but i managed to get three weeks taken care of the other day. so here's what we're eating the first week we get westie home...

spaghetti, green salad, and yummy bread
(this spaghetti sauce is magic and one of the few things i can call 100%'s so good the kiddos don't even notice the whole wheat noodles they're eating with it)

milanesa with lemon, ensalada russa, and green salad
(i lived in uruguay for a while and this is what i make when i miss it)

grilled steak, quinoa with garlic & hazelnuts, and green beans

potstickers, sesame noodles, sticky rice, and garlic broccoli

salmon cakes, pilaf, and peas
(i'll have to post the recipe for these soon...better than my crab cakes)


  1. i need the spagetti sauce recipe desperately. i've tried many and haven't yet found my to die for...please share!

  2. i would l o v e the spaghetti sauce recipe as well. & i totally do salmon cakes too! it's one of the few things i can impress my husband with. & i sneak in flax seed meal!

  3. ok, so you need to share the spaghetti recipe. this is so funny because i really enjoy cooking great food, but meal planning is my least favorite part. probably because i'm tired of the same stuff and desperately want new recipes but haven't got the energy or time to search and search for them. i need you to email me your meal plan with recipes each week. ;) lol. still praying for you guys, YAY for extubation!

  4. Even before I read your post, I saw that photo and thought, "Them potatoes look GOOD!"

    And I salivated.

  5. amen to the needing the spaghetti sauce recipe.

    and the quinoa w/ garlic and hazelnuts. i love garlic and hazelnuts, and prospect of them being in the SAME dish is blowing my mind.

  6. Would you please be my personal chef?