Monday, February 15, 2010

cleaning out the camera...

one night in the beginning of january we were about to go to bed and jon said, "do you want to clean out and reorganize the kitchen?" um, really?!? it was the best "date" we'd had in a long time. three hours of pulling stuff out, throwing stuff away and the putting it all back. and i have to still looks pretty much like the "after" pictures. this one below is the "before"...

what i like to call "after #1"

"after #2"

another "before"

this is my FAVORITE "after"

and this is just a random one from some dinner in january...i'm kinda hungry right now and antsy to get back in the kitchen. i made a meal plan for the next 3 weeks today :)

best brothers making the same face...dude, i love these boys.

making westie laugh

the master of sitting up on his own and the signature scrunchy nose

and jon may or may not have gotten a pedicure with a perafin wax...i'm just saying.

it warmed my "i don't read enough to my own kids so they have to read to each other" heart to come downstairs and find this the other day

and the NEXT day i came down to find this...the power of example :)


  1. What an inspirational post. I'm praying for things to continue to improve.

  2. Love this and jealous of all that cabinet kitchen is not fit for a cook (I have 3 cabinets!)=(

    All your posts are really making me miss soon as you are feeling up for a girls day/night out let's get some peeps together and go play and eat!

  3. thanks for the prayers are you and your twinners holding up?

    and jennica, that sounds PERFECT! thanks for the heart attack last night. it was nice to come home to that. love you chica :)

  4. I love all of the photos for different reasons. Isn't late, late at night the best time to organize things? Your kids are so beautiful and happy.

  5. callie, i showed the girls these pics of westie so they know who they are praying for. :) he is so adorable. if you don't have enough to do already, but if you are sitting in the hospital bored, can you send me your meal plan? seriously, i am SO sick of the same old things i cook. i need some new recipes for the repertoire. :)

  6. These make me teary. Family truly is the best, and you my dear, have one of THE best ever. So thankful to know such remarkable people.

    Prayers going out continually. Loves.

  7. I totally want an email of your 3 week menu too. For reals!

    These pictures are awesome. So cute with the reading. I still can't believe that Ruby and Ila are reading books to me!