Thursday, February 18, 2010

ila's next...

dear ila,

mommy, or as you like to call me, "momma" has some more down time at the hospital with weston and it's your turn for a letter. you're in mrs. flack's class in preschool right now and i think you're one of her favorites. i quote,"she's a delight in class and i'm so happy to have her." uncle beal can't believe how well you're reading and you even read to westie sometimes.

you have your daddy's smile...SUPER big and SUPER contagious. and you're detail oriented like mommy. i watched you clean your room one day. you took your time to put everything in it's place. you're also my new morning helper now. you love to set the table for breakfast and give everyone their gummy vitamins and juice. you'll be a really good "momma" to your own babies one day.

and you are GIRLY. you love pink. you love tea parties. we did everything in our power to keep barbies away from you as long as we could, but somehow you finagled a way to get not one, but two from grandma jeanne and three from santa this year.

and that's another thing. you know what you want and do everything you can to get it. you get that from daddy for sure. but sometimes i wonder what grandma ila, beepa's mom, was like. maybe you get it from her too. at least i know that someday it'll come in handy for something besides taking toys and treats from your siblings.

we love you so much ila. and we can always count on that smile of yours to brighten things up around the house. don't grow up too fast.


  1. awww, these letters are really sweet. As good as we are at remembering things, we also tend to forget. These are priceless. I used your book of mormon advice at the activity last night... thank you!

  2. She's gorgeous. I need a morning helper!

  3. She has gotten SO BEAUTIFUL Callie. I cannot believe it.

  4. Hey Callie,

    I thought I'd peruse your blog tonight and I found your darling love letters to your kids... and all the pictures of your family and they all warmed my heart and I just wanted to tell you that and say hello through the blogger world. :) You guys are awesome-