Sunday, February 14, 2010

love letters...

dear hubby,
thank you for the flowers last night...even though when we first got married i told you never to buy me flowers because i thought they were a are now a mind reader and let me renig. i love you.

dear family,
you're still the best.

dear people who leave comments on the blog and facebook,
your words are powerful to me. when i feel like it's all been a little too much, i read and re-read your kind, kind words.

dear PCMC,
thank you for being the best at your jobs. it makes leaving at night SO much easier.

dear market street,
thank you for being located 3 minutes from this PICU world. i know i can always rely on you for a great meal at the bar and half an hour to myself to think of nothing but you and your sabayon.

dear nike plus mini,
give me a break. YOU are the one who let ME down. i knew it was over as soon as you told me i ran 4.8 miles and you LIED...we checked and it was only 3.8 miles. running distance is NOT to be trifled with. i think we're done.

dear atherton,
thank you for making the drive to and from the hospital not so tough. yesterday i think i belted out your lyrics and had a good cry all in the same minute. (people, you need to listen to this music...LIFE CHANGING).

dear knitting,
i'm pretty sure we're breaking up too. i brought you to the hospital to make something for our westie to feel like i was contributing SOMETHING. but my brain doesn't work that way. it looks like my one night stands with cooking will have to do for now.

dear bloggy blog,
you're so good to me. and i'm glad i have you to be my sounding board and work out all the stuff buzzing around in my head.

dear weston,
thank you for being better today. you're a fighter. we love you.

and HAPPY VALENTIME'S DAY...i think that's what i'll call it until our kiddos realize it's something different :)


  1. lots of prayers to you and yours callie...that was a beautiful post!

  2. Oh Callie. I love you so much.

  3. Ha ha. Jasper totally wrote "Happy ValeTIME" on his valentine to me yesterday.

  4. Good to hear your little guy is doing a little better. I am a total stranger who found your blog on Natalies blog,whos blog i found on a friends....(how was that for a ramble). This blogging world is CrAzY!!!! Hang in there, you are in our thoughts and prayers. All three of my boys were born premature and i loved the feeling i got knowing that others were praying for us. At the hardest times during their hospital stay that feeling of comfort always came :)

  5. callie, i think about you all the time and hope that westie is doing ok. he is in our family's prayers. grace knows we're praying for isaac's little brother... and my kids totally call it "valentimes" too. :)

  6. Ouch for the Nike Plus Mini; that was quite the scathing letter.
    Could it not have at least waited until after the holiday of love?

  7. Callie - I have been thinking and praying for you and sweet Weston every day and night. I can't stop thinking about you guys, and I'm trying to send as much love and positive energy your way. I am holding my breath with every entry I read. You are so incredible and we couldn't love you and your sweet family any more. I'll tell Ryan to call Jon for another drop of dinner to the kids back home. I hope you will hint to me if there is something we can do more. And PLEASE: don't ever break up with cooking. Kitting can go, but you are too good with the other... hang in there.

  8. I love your posts and I'm glad you don't mind our comments.

    Fabulous "letters".

    Isaac was your only one I knew but now your family looks so full of energy and love. Have a happy day - still praying for you.