Monday, February 15, 2010

for isaac...

dear isaac,

mom's in the hospital a lot now and westie's just resting so i wanted to write you a letter. i was looking at pictures of you just yesterday and saw how crazy it is how much you've grown up. i still remember holding you at night in that burgundy recliner gammy bought for us when you were born. the funny thing is, i used to get so mad that you wouldn't sleep in your bed. lucky for me, you still LOVE to give hugs. and you're the best cuddler when you're sick.

dad beat tank last week and you're still telling everyone about it. i can't say that i've seen anything funnier than you standing on the stairs, peeking around the wall so you can BARELY see what's going on with the game. you stick out your tongue and cross all your fingers. you're so INTO it. but you only want dad to play. and i'll be honest, i think he likes it that way.

you're reading a book a day now. you retain things so well. and yesterday you told everyone how much you really, really, really, really like natalie. i hope she's nice to you :)

isaac, you've been the BEST big brother to're even the one who first called him that. you know all about oxygen and breathing machines and surgeries and hospitals. and one of your favorite things to do is to hold little dude.

dad and i were talking last night about how special you are to us. you're our first kiddo, our first son and an amazing one at that. isaac, i LOVE you. i'm glad you came to our family :)


  1. I love to read this. I love your example. I love your family. I love your attitude. I love, love, love you.

  2. *tears*

    best. mom. ever.

    you know how i know?

    your kids are living proof.

    huggs...HUGE ones.

  3. that top picture of Isaac, is perfection. oh.