Saturday, February 13, 2010

family is the best....

(bubba, i need a picture of you!)

so some of these pics are RIDICULOUSLY old but that's not the point. the point is that family is the best...and more specifically, OUR family is amazing. not that we're without drama or trials or any of the normal stuff, but i tend to forget how uncommon what we all have is....

my mom is a 9 minute drive away, my dad is a pretty accessible (for him) flight away, jon's mom lives with us, all my siblings and their kiddos live within a 45 mile radius. AND we like to be with each other.

they all showed up at the hospital today to see my dad who was here for about 12 hours and to check in on little Westie. i know it was a hassle to pack up kiddos and sacrifice a saturday morning, but everyone was here...and kiddos did TONS better once we found the room with disney and a vending machine :)

as far as little man, weston is doing a LITTLE better. lots of things have happened since the last post, but it's really all mumbo jumbo for most people. a LITTLE better is a BIG deal to us. getting worse is NOT what we want. he's turned a corner and now it's really all about keeping his lungs clear with LOTS of suctioning and then helping his little body to breathe on its own.

again thank you, thank you, thank you. until next time...


  1. Jothan just said, and I quote, "Weston is one LUCKY kid!"

    He is.

    We are all praying and fasting over here for you. Thinking of little Weston all the time.

    HUGE huggs.

  2. So glad to read this post! When I saw Jon's facebook status that the family was all at the hospital I was worried that might mean things weren't going well. (I didn't think visitors were allowed.) So I'm SO glad to hear Weston's doing a LITTLE better! Thinking of you constantly. And praying Weston will continue to do better . .

    And your family really is incredible. What a wonderful support system.

  3. keeping you guys in our prayers. happy to hear the good news. our hearts are with you & your sweet family.

  4. You do have a pretty great family. There are many times I'm jealous you have all your awesome sisters so close...I wish mine were closer! Your sweet little boy is lucky:)

  5. Thanks for the update. I keep checking. =o) What a great family! Still praying...

  6. i already knew that your family is awesome and i wish i was one of you. you guys are seriously the best. i've wanted to post something just to let you know i was thinking of you through all this but everything i wrote sounded stupid. so, just know that my heart is with you. ...and you probably need a i right?

  7. Family truly is the best, no matter how "messed up" we are! Your family is in our prayers. Weston is in our prayers! Thank you for your honesty, it is a blessing in all our lives.