Monday, February 15, 2010

it's a slow day here at the PICU...

weston's about the same today and extubation is not happening anytime soon, so i'm blogging :)

westie opened his eyes for about 5 minutes last night right before i came home. that was the longest he's had his eyes opened and focused on me since he's been here (little dude is pretty sedated) and then i realized why...he wanted to tell you all something. THANK YOU!

lulu is still as crazy as ever. no joke, she is her father reincarnate. and it really is the best thing ever.

ruby's rockin' out here as always...this little munchkin LOVES music and LOVES to move. right now her favorite songs for dance parties with dad are "all the single ladies" and "party in the USA". don't judge :) music taste goes out the window when kiddos come on board.

here's ila and her SUPER contagious smile. i have to say she wins the award for the most catchphrases in the family...chuckanuckle, "jes", and now her laugh "teh, heh". she's also AMAZING at cleaning her room (when i can get her to do it). this morning she snuggled up in bed and said, "mom! i have to show you something!" me, "what is it babes?" ila, "my room is sooooooo clean!" LOVE it!

and isaac wanted to give you a whoopie pie. well, sorry. not really. we made them last week. they were okay...not spectacular, just okay. i need to find a different recipe that's mostly butter instead of shortening. i think one of my new favorite things is cooking and baking treats with the kiddos. and word to the wise...they actually WILL eat it if they help to make it. dinner has been much less of a fight lately :)


  1. I heart my kiddos

  2. go westie! we're all rooting for him.

    and i think our girls would get along swimingly.

    AND those whoopie pies look delicious.

  3. i hope it's okay that i called weston westie. i mean, i don't even know the boy, or you for that matter ... it's just so cute!

  4. Why does Issac look 20 in that last shot. Whoopie Pies? They look a lot like homemade Oreos...are they in the same category?

    Callie, thank you for making me want to be a better mom. are stellar.

  5. this is inspiring me to clean out my pantry. and maybe get a pedicure too. :)

  6. So glad he's doing a little better.