Sunday, October 11, 2009

it happened already?

today was a long day for isaac. last night we had a late movie night (bedknobs and broomsticks) with soda and pizza and more candy than i think we've ever had in our house, and little dude was crazy tired today. one thing led to another and around 830 i found myself standing outside his door holding it closed while he was crying and yelling on the other side, and i quote, "mom! i hate you!"


and i know he didn't mean it. i know it was his delirious state of exhaustion that was in control. i can't even say that it hurt my feelings...i'd just gotten a big dose of perspective watching nie nie on oprah and was feeling especially calm and collected :) i just didn't think i'd hear that phrase for a few more years.

then at around 930 tonight i found myself in front of that same door holding little man in my arms...and he was crying again. but they were tears of regret. he was sorry and i knew he meant it.

he must get it from his dad. they are both so quick to apologize and tell me they are sorry. this is definitely a "like father, like son" characteristic i'm loving right now. i married a good man. the end.


  1. I remember you talking or blogging about this day coming. Thanks for sharing you story.

  2. oooooohhhhh! I love that guy and I love having cousins!

  3. I have been completely floored still from Nie Nie on Oprah... and feel it too has given me more control realizing I have it so easy in comparison. But Oh! This story with Issac breaks my heart! What a doll. Jack too has already outed those words on are much tougher then me. It devastated me even thought I knew he didn't know what he was saying. I loved hanging out with you last week - let's make a habit of it!

  4. you win forever!!!!!

  5. I can't tell you how jelous gian and i were of jon's FB post about the bednobs party with the fam. We use that when we talk about our idea of perfection for our future.

  6. very tender. i love it when they realize they have hurt you and just want you to forgive them and cuddle them and love them for the longest time. and I am not just talking about the kids either. :) love this post, thanks for the constant reminder of what is important.