Sunday, September 27, 2009

favorite quotes from the past few days.....

i went to urgent care for some eye pain i was having. once the doctor came in and i'd told him what had been happening he said, "ok, let's just rule out herpes lesions."
(i guess if you have a cold sore or canker sore it can spread to your eyes. random.)

i was checking out at gap...
cashier: how are you?
me: i'm great! i just found 5 pairs of jeans that fit!
cashier: oh...(pause) are they long and lean?
me: yep.
cashier: yeah, those are my mom's favorites too. she loves them.

family was over for dinner tonight and before they left my sister was singing with her little 2 year sing a little and they finish the phrase? this was part of nigel's version of "i love to see the temple"

beal: i love to see the...
nigel: temple
beal: i'll go inside some...
nigel: day
beal: to feel the holy...
nigel: spirit
beal: to listen and to...
nigel: play (pray)
beal: for the temple is a house of...
nigel: god
beal: a place of love and...
nigel: booty (beauty)

the song goes on but i'll stop there. totally awesome. and p.s while nigel was saying the prayer for dinner...he totally burped :) soooooo funny. i'm still laughing. the end.


  1. i have another one for you.... during primary today they were showing pictures of some conference speakers. Becky Garcia walks around with a picture of President Eyring and asks "Does anyone know who this is?" Ruby looks right at Matt, points and says, "Hey that's YOU!"..... and oh we had a great laugh.

  2. Mom jeans + nigel = Sooooo funny!

  3. Ila also showed camille her favorite cook book

  4. The second quote...SO hilarious. I am getting this stuff all the time...that is how we know we are getting old. SO SAD!

  5. hahahahahahaha! Loved the herpes lesions, mom jeans (good to know that's what those awesomely adorable jeans you were wearing the other day are) and Nigel...all of it HILarious!