Thursday, October 15, 2009

i heart technology...

it really is amazing. i can even remember getting my first email account freshman year of college in '97...yikes! and i'm not saying i'm savvy or anything...proficient? yes. savvy? no.

so because of technology, i downloaded and am now listening to this. it really lifted my spirits and gave me a little boost to be nice even though i'm not feeling so hot.

because of technology i can show you this. my sister has some amazing connection and started this discount jean business with her friend. if the words true religion, rockin' republic, or laguna beach mean anything to you, you need to contact her at {}. they even have trying on parties and if you host one, you'll get 10% of the profits from the orders. ***and i just found out how much these jeans usually cost...$350...GEEZOLA!!! but they sell them for $60 each...whatever size, whatever brand, whatever pair...$60 each. so if you have ever even thought about purchasing a pair of these fancy shmancy jeans or have even ever dreamt of owning a pair, now's your chance ladies!

because of technology i can also tell you about this. my other sister (along with the jean company sister) have been volunteering for Women in Philanthropy, a branch of United Way. They are in charge of gathering donated items, experiences, and services for various auctions at an annual gala Women in Philanthropy hosts to raise money for organizations that support women and children in Utah County. If you are a local business and are interested in donating an item, experience, or service for the gala, contact beal at {}.

and best of all, because of technology i got a text today at 1:10 pm that said, "you'll never guess...we are DONE! we will be home in like 30!" jon finished his shoot early and wasn't supposed to home til 5.

so today especially, i heart technology.


  1. i heart technology too... a few days ago i ordered some skirts from Hong Kong. how crazy is that?! and i also heart those jeans so as soon as this baby gets here and I drop the baby pounds, i'll be contacting your sister. :)

  2. i just bought that CD too. I was nervous that it would be too EFY but thought it was pretty great. We connect again ... thanks to technology.

  3. i'm kind of excited about those jeans too. $60?!? awesome!

  4. technology is the bomb! SO many good things we get because of it.