Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is Callie's sister, Camille, blogging on her blog...

I hope she doesn't mind!

We all love Callie. She has mentioned to me several times that people have expressed interest in helping when baby Weston is born. There will be lots to do, but it's probably too soon to tell exactly what kind of help is needed until the time comes. That's where I come in... blogging secretly on Callie's blog....

I'm hoping to do some "help organizing" for Callie. If you would like to help the Canlas family when Weston is born, just send me an email. This way Callie won't even have to try to remember who said they wanted to help and how, and deal with contacting and scheduling and all of that. I can do that for her.


Let me know if you already know what you want to do or if you just want to be on the list of people we can call. Weston will be in the hospital for at least 4 weeks when he is born so there will be lots of logistical things to take care of with the other 4 Canlas kids since Callie may be spending lots of time at the hospital with him. We just don't know yet.

I really believe it takes a village to raise a child and there is no such thing as an act too small to help a child.

Of course Callie wouldn't want me begging for help on her blog, and that's really not my intent. I just know there are lots of people who genuinely want to help and one way that I want to help Callie is to organize that help and make the phone calls and emails when it's needed at the last second or plan it in advance.

Thanks for the love.
Camille Anderson

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