Thursday, March 12, 2009

we have some news...

canlas photography is moving locations!!! sometimes i wish it was us that is moving, but we're pretty sure we're here to stay :) jon's assistant and his wife just moved across the highway to traverse mountain which makes them SUPER close (they came from provo). i think we clocked like 5 minutes from door to door.

it opens up another room for the much awaited arrival of little weston. and hopefully this means more time with padre at home and a smaller gas budget. and it definitely means i'm going to ikea next week to buy bunkbeds and bedding and all that fun stuff to help in my nesting. thanks to kati and leo for moving so close and being such fantastic friends!


  1. Phew. I saw/see the truck in front of your house and had worried. I went through all the phases of denial:
    1) Deny it is happening.
    2) Deny I even saw anything.
    3) Deny the denial.

  2. I too saw the truck and was worried. I'm glad to hear that it is just equipment moving out. YEAH THE CANLAS' ARE HERE TO STAY!!!

  3. Glad to hear that you won't be moving. :) I would of cried.

  4. I'm a (nice) random stranger who happens to read your blog. Just wondering if you have bought bunk beds yet. From your photos it looks like you favor a modern simple look. Have you ever gone to and looked at the Loft bunkbeds? Look under the kids section. Love, love, love this set! Hefty, hefty price, but I just found a welder in Pleasant Grove that said he could make the set "for a couple hundred dollars." I should find out the final quote today. Would you be interested if the price is right? He said he could make two just as easily as one. You can email me at chadandlynette(at)

  5. thanks for the tip lynette...but the nesting bug bit hard and fast and i got everything done last week when jon was gone. and thanks to my cousin and brother it looks fantastic!