Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do you believe in fairies?

Well, now I do. When we got back from Argentina I noticed that somehow a single 20 oz bottle of diet Coke mysteriously appeared in the pantry. No one knows how it got there and I've been tempted to drink it many times already in the weeks since we've been back. I didn't because I knew the time would come when it would serve the wonderful purpose of comfort and I would be able to really enjoy it when I needed it. Tonight's the night. I just put all four kiddos down by myself and I have the closest thing in Utah to my favorite burger and a diet Coke to boot. Thank you diet Coke fairy. I never knew if you really existed and now you've made a believer out of me.


  1. I truly think this is the same fairy that put 2 tubs of cool whip in my fridge. I never have cool whip, and 2 tubs? I don't know when it got there or how long ago, but it looked, smelled, and tasted fine. It saved me from having to take Jackson to the store (not an easy task) just to buy that when I had to make a dessert for a baby shower. Definitely a fairy around here!

  2. So, since I'm a California Native you must know that I too LOOOVE In-n-Out. And I do like Chadders. Also, I am a Diet Coke addict for years and years now (except on the mish) and am even more obsessed with Cherry Zero. Once you try it, you'll never go back :)