Sunday, October 28, 2007

here are the rest of the pics I wanted to post...

Jon and I on our weekend in St. Louis with no kiddos. Jon's tongue is stained pink because he always drinks all the Shirley Temples he can at his cousins' weddings. No free alcohol for us doesn't mean we don't know how to party...

Our nephew Jon Jon with Uncle Jon...cutest kid from the cutest family ever!

I guess I managed to get a picture of Jon on the rainbow bouncing bubble...all the kids hadn't gotten up there by this point

Lulu fell asleep in the swing the first time around.

Lulu wearing 6-12 month clothes from her sisters...p.s. she's only 4 months old.

Why are naked babies so cute?

This is what Lulu does...she just smiles. I mean she cries when she's tired or hungry, but mostly she just smiles.

Jon and Lulu at a park up the canyon...I just realized, Jon always has his mouth open when I take pictures of him...

Ruby Lou. :)

I came downstairs one day and found Ruby hanging out like this...

I couldn't resist. Ruby has got this stink eye that's so scary. I'm glad she's so girly the rest of the time.

Ruby LOVES accessories...even if it's her brother's Cardinal hat that's too big

Ruby's first hair cut...I don't think Liesl made more that 5 cuts with her scissors. My poor bald children...

Ila Bila

She's also our queen of temper tantrums and letting us know when it's the end of the world.

She got her daddy's cute crooked smile.

Ila had a little more hair taken off, but not much.

Me and Ila on the swing...seriously the happiest I'd been in a long time...

Isaac and the first birthday cake I've ever made for my kids...of course, he requested dinosaurs.

Uncle Johnny is really the best ever. They came over one night to show Isaac what Johnny was for Halloween when he was four...he was a dinosaur! Johnny was a big kid, because his costume swallowed Isaac whole. Johnny's wearing Isaac costume on his head...Isaac thought it was only fair to trade :)

Isaac in the cow train they had at the pumpkin patch. Jon, Beal, and I were behind all the kids at the end. The dude driving said we could go, but we barely fit and it was buuuuuuumpy. (I'll try to upload that video too.)

Isaac and his cute teacher, Miss Missy. It was "Show and Share" that day, and they were supposed to bring a teddy bear. We opted for Cookie Monster since that's all he had.

I almost don't recognize him, but yep, it's Isaac. He's obsessed with making "funny" faces. I don't have the heart to tell him the difference between funny and just plain freaky.


  1. I must say, LuLu is so rad. If you ever get bored of her, we'll take her... until she's poopy of course.

  2. Lulu has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen!

  3. You're entirely right: every picture I have of Jon through the years has the exact open mouth face. I can hear the "HEEEEYYYYYY!" now. Classic.

    Which adorable Canlas child will inherit it, though?

  4. I love the pics of the kiddos, especially of Lulu. She is sooo cute. Keep on postin, I LOVE your blog. Austin does too!