Sunday, October 28, 2007

so, I messed up...

I thought I'd have this really funny video to post with Jon on this rainbow colored bubble jutting out of the ground, jumping with lots of kids...but I wasn't recording when I thought I was recording. Instead I got a really long video of whatever my camera caught while it was hanging from my wrist. I thought I'd post a ton of pics to make up for goes!

This was Isaac's first date...ME! This dude is growing up so fast. I've always heard parents say this and think, "Of course they grow up fast". But now I get the point of this comment. You have to enjoy them at every age you can, because they don't stay the same for long. p.s. the teenagers in the corner are why I told Isaac he could never grow up. :)


  1. Holy update, Batman! I'm dizzy from all the wonderful pics of your darlingest-ever family. Thank you!! By the way, we have never taken our kids to a pumpkin patch either. That's what kindergarten field trips are for. The rest of us can take a fun, special trip to walmart.

  2. That is some impressive chicken nugget eating.