Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Cow Train...

This was pretty funny. When we went to the pumpkin patch they told us we could ride this long train of cow trailers that was pulled by a tractor. It took us all through the pumpkin patch and it was BUMPY...and it was funny too. We barely fit in these things, much less with Lulu and Nigel in tow in the Bjorns. I hadn't laughed that much in long time. Anyway, here it is...


  1. I love your laugh!!! We never managed to make it to Cornbellys but have been to pretty much everything else, I am pretty Halloweened out. I figured I had to get my money's worth for their costumes right? p.s. Carter and Isaac have the same dragon costume. It must be the "it" costume this year because I have seen a lot of them! I love the video of your date with Isaac, so precious. Could he be any cuter?!

  2. Hey Callie, I tagged you in my blog...I couldn't remember if you've already played that game or not, so feel free to pass if you've already done it!