Saturday, November 17, 2007

why won't my blogger upload the FUNNIEST video ever?!?!?

so I can't get my blog to upload the video, so I'm ending my almost month long blogging hiatus with pictures instead...i'm way more bugged than I should be...oh well...

Teetee met us at Gammy's for trick-or-treating and she wanted pics with kiddos...Ila was our monkey this year. Actually, she was the ladybug the trunk or treat our ward had last minute the Monday before Halloween. People have mixed emotions about this concept, but Ila was a ladybug at the trunk or treat and a monkey the night of.

Nigel Bigel made the cutest Frenchman ever...Beal MADE that beret by the way...what talent!

Ila had a face off later that night with Jon in Uncle Johnny's Mexican wrestling mask

I've decided television is the worst catch-22 for mothers, period. I let them watch a little TV while I get some stuff done around the house and they are entertained and calm. That is, until I tell them it's time to turn off the TV at which point all hell breaks loose and I choose between my sanity or my children's chances of having ADHD. This day I managed to protect my children's attention holding capabilities and they all colored quite happily while I cleaned the kitchen. This was one of the products of that morning...a very impressive dog drawing from Isaac. He and I were both very proud.

Isaac then continued to impress when aptly placing his goldfish crackers in the fishbowl instead of drawing them. I think he was most pleased with this idea :)

I promise Lulu's head isn't this big...I'm not a fan of how tacky these excer-saucers are, but it keeps Lulu entertained more than anything else, and I can get stuff done without having to carry her around in the Bjorn. My back thanks whomever invented these bright, tacky contraptions!

And I can't find any pictures of Ruby that I haven't already posted...but I love her just the same!


  1. Nice pictures. I love the monkey costume.

  2. Cute, cute kids in costumes and very clever Isaac! I can't believe how big Lulu is (not just her head, all of her!).

  3. I saw these pictures and cried. I love my grandbabies and miss them a ton. They are the cutest kids ever and they are so adorable. Actually all of my grand kids are the best ever. Love, Lola