Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pics before the bebe...

here are some random pics from everything from easter to our "day out with thomas". who knows when i'll post again. we're trying some reflexology stuff tonight to get this bebe here. enjoy!

ruby at easter with her cute flower headband from uncle tine

lulu in utero with ila hanging out on top of her

ila fell asleep today on her floor instead of her new bed...and she just happened to be dressed up in the elmo costume. i found her this way with ruby very much awake and sitting on top of ila. ila kept sleeping so i grabbed ruby off of her and snapped this pic...funny kids

isaac woke up the other day happy from his nap (miracle of miracles) but he had this awesome hair too which made the experience even more amazing :)

same waking up happy day, but he's going for pensive here i think...somber face and crossed legs. i wonder what he's thinking about...

for carlie's graduation party we all went to boondocks. jon and isaac loved the go carts, but it looks like instead of eating someone's dust, it got in jon's eye and i think isaac wants to beat up whoever did it :)

attempted recreation of a picture from last year at thomas

bubbles, girdles, and lola :)

the girls were totally into thomas more than isaac was when he was their age. i should get these girls some dolls or something. i try to dress them in a feminine manner as to accentuate their girliness, but they still run around playing with trains and dinosaurs all day...

in houston for grant's baby blessing and the sealing we finally got some quiet time with all the cousins when i popped in a movies...sometimes a dvd player really is a mom's best friend

walking through the gardens at the tulip festival at thanksgiving point (aka our backyard)

more fun at boondocks...the kiddos really took to miniature golf, which surprised me. look out tiger woods! the canlas kids are hot on your trail!

chrissie was REALLY excited about her inadvertent hole in one...even 4 1/2 months pregnant, this woman's got hops!

cute, pregnant uncle preggos weren't "allowed" to ride the go carts, so we had to just watch while all the men folk and christine (who's not really showing yet) had tons o' fun.


  1. Callie you seriously made me laugh to myself out loud which hardly ever happens, with the comment about jon getting someones dust in his eye and Isaac about to beat them up! So classic. Gotta love those candid moments. How did the accupuncture or whatever go?

  2. reflexology sucks...well, for me anyway. it basically started contractions that were pretty uncomfortable that didn't really progress to anything and today my ankle is really tender and sore...i guess that's what i get for trying to control something i have absolutely no control of. i've only got 3 days and 20 hours to go so i can make it...i won't be in the best of moods this weekend, but i'll make it. did get to make it to the tim and faith show with everything that happened with your uncle?

  3. Wow, Isaac is getting SO BIG. I can't believe it. They grow so fast. I love all your comments- I relate to the DVD being a mom's best friend too sometimes, and then the whole glory day about the food Ila consumed... that was great too. Way to hang in there Callie. :) Cute new room too for Lulu. Great job! I love her name.