Sunday, June 03, 2007

false alarms suck

we thought we were going to have a baby on friday night. it would have been perfect...right before jon had to leave town, so he would have been there for the birth. i would have been done being pregnant. and jon would only have been gone one day and home for 2 wks before he had to leave again.

but lulu decided not to come. my contractions were 3 minutes apart, we were at the hospital, actually, EVERYONE (except catie and my mom) were at the hospital. they even brought del taco for jon just like when isaac was born. then my contractions just stopped. my hopes were up and then they were crushed and i just want her to be here now. i feel sorry for those ladies who have lots of false alarms before their babies come. that would suck even more.

the upside is that on saturday, everyone came over and totally helped move things around and paint and assemble so that when lulu does decide to grace us with her presence, we'll be ready. so bring it on little girl, bring it on! :)

(there would be pictures of all the "new" rooms and paint and beds, but i can't find my camera)

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  1. Callie, Callie, Callie! I love you!!! So glad that you are on blogger too. I had so much fun last night chatting with you. Hang in there! So good about your answer, no more stress! Call me if you need me...