Sunday, June 24, 2007

lulu briggs has arrived!

yes, my friends, the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG awaited arrival of our precious lulu briggs has come and gone. she's celebrating her 1st week's birthday today and is party harty-ing asleep on our bed as we speak. one word to describe little lulu would be "mellow". i know she's only been on this earth one week, but just last night jon and i were like, "man, why wasn't it this easy before?" then i reminded both of us that the first time we didn't know what we were doing and the second time we had twice of everything to deal with. so maybe it's not so much that it's easier this time, but more like we just have a better idea of what we're doing and there is only one child to care for. but no more rambling...i know people are anxious for pics, so here are some of our faves. (just as a disclaimer, our children look strange when they are born - i.e. isaac looked like a swollen michelin man baby, ila looked like a puppy dog, and ruby looked like a frog.) lulu resembles an alien in the pictures taken with her eyes open during her first days alive, but her cuteness factor is growing exponentially. just wanted you to know :)

my dad flew in to surprise us to be here for father's day and for the birth and reminded us that we needed to get a picture of all three of us pregnant. millie's baby boy (nigel dracula...for now anyway) is due the end of august and chrissie's baby boy (john davis covey) is due in november sometime. it's been fun all being pregnant at the same time. at the rate we've been going having kiddos, i didn't know if it would happen, but it did and p.s. this picture was taken the night before lulu was born, thus my HUMONGOUS belly. someone at church that day even looked at me and said "callie! you're huge! are you sure you're not having twins?" but i got over it. :)

i have to admit, i think that jon's favorite part of the delivery was getting to wear these scrubs. he asked the nurse if he could keep them. she said no and he took them anyway. he wore them yesterday after he got home from d.c. and was totally happy. we even called him doctor canlas. his dad would have been proud.

this picture was probably one of the first taken of lulu after they were finished with her and brought her back to the room. can you see that dark fuzzy stuff on the side of her head? in the canlas family we call that phenomenon "hair". so yes, one of our children was actually born with "hair".

here we have the veteran canlas kiddos meeting the newbie. isaac has taken quite a liking to lulu. he's always cuddling up next to her when she's sleeping on our bed and he's very concerned that she doesn't have any teeth.

i took this during some downtime when it was just lulu and me. i forgot what it was like to hold a new baby. i think shortly after taking this picture lulu and i had our first nap together.

another day, another visit and isaac really wanted to hold lulu. he looks like he's schooling ila in the art of "new baby holding". :)

just another of lulu while we're hanging out. i think i took this the night she thought 3:30 in the morning was really 3:30 in the afternoon. she was only confused that once and now her days and night are straightened out. phew!

a fun visit from uncle bubba and auntie teetee

uncle beal and little lulu

seth and kendra came to visit one night with their cute little stella and somehow jon ended up chillin' on the hospital he went through all the hard stuff to get lulu here or something...well i didn't really either. all i did was lay there while they went in and got her :)


  1. Congrats!!! Lulu is as cute as she can be and we are all glad that she is here. I really like the pic of the three of you. Babies all around.

  2. From your description I really was expecting something alien looking baby, but she really looks totally cute! Isaac looks like he is doing a really good job with her. Do you think he could teach Jasper some lessons? :)

  3. Wow! Lulu is about as cute as they come. I think she also looks very she's already a month or so old. Congratulations! This should be like a cakewalk for you guys.

  4. so cute! I LOVE the one of Isaac holding Lulu and Ila checking everything out. Your kids are totally awesome. This fall/winter is going to be FUN. We just have to work out all the cousins nap times so we can maximize cousin time.

  5. This is my first time here! What a FUN blog. I scrolled all the way down and looked at every picture. Thanks for sharing your life with me!

  6. Callie!
    thanks for dropping a line on my blog. i was quite taken back by your comments. seriously, i know you have the opportunity to view a TON of weddings and for you to say that was the best wedding you've seen me do was really surprising. i wasn't that excited about the results and i seriously debated posting anything of them at all on the blog. it's interesting to step away and see what others see. again, thanks for your compliments.
    a due congratulations for you and the family. Lulu's a cutie. i posted a comment on Jon's blog about his documentary of her birth, i don't know if you or he had and an opportunity to see it, but i loved seeing your story. congrats to all!
    and now to turn around and see your blog and see another perspective in the "day and life" within the canlas family is a lot of fun.
    you are very blessed Lulu is so "mellow". we have yet to get our lil' Ava, (born days after Lulu on 6/20), to understand night-time is for sleeping and day-time is when you can be awake. we got spoiled with our first - she gave us a solid 6 hours of sleep right out the gates...but as you are already well aware of, every kid is different.
    sleep or no sleep, we love her a bunches, and i figure we'll keep her around. :)
    again, my congrats and thank yous!

  7. Andrea here! I figured you'd probably be likely to find the info here. So camille had her lil' babe? way to go! I was thinking there was still a bit to go. I can be reached at or 360-3878. Can't wait.