Friday, June 15, 2007

i am officially creative with something besides food

so we moved kiddos around from room to room to accomodate little lulu's arrival and i'm closer than i was before to having her room decorated. i was finishing up some of the things you'll see in the pictures today and jon was like "who are you?". i was painting and stapling and mounting and everything. it's turning out pretty cool too. hope she likes it!

the big white thing on the wall with dots on it is an idea i got from miss kenra smoot (their little stella lou is about 8 wks old and we got to meet her yesterday). but on their blog i saw something like this above stella's crib and thought that maybe kendra had just stretched & stapled some fabric around a frame. i asked her about it last night and i was right! so thanks to kendra's creativity, lulu will have a little more color and girliness in her room.

you can kind of tell what that is above the crib, but not really. let me explain. the sheet is lulu's crib (bought by her lola) is white with tiny little polka dots that are brown and green. i thought the curtains and the accent wall would accentuate the small polka dots, but no cigar. so today i was in robert's craft store for like the third time in my life and next to the big canvases they had these smaller 5x7's. right then and there i had one of my first non-food-related creative idea. why not paint dots on the canvas and the put these cute adhesive aluminum letters right on top? the pic doesn't do it justice. :)

my mom actually made this quilt as soon as she found out i was pregnant with isaac, even thought we didn't know he was a he yet. but it adds a nice splash of color on the beige wall of the room i only committed to an accent wall (ie the green wall on the other side of the room) in...anyway, it compliments the bright, girly colors of the fabric i stretched too. me likey :)


  1. The room looks great..I like the idea of the bit of color thing on the painted green wall. very creative. I am sure Lulu will love it.

  2. julila! hi! how's it going? i wondered who was checking the blog from guatemala...i totally spaced that you guys were there. is it totally fun or hard or both? how's the bebe? good to hear from you. :)

  3. Callie the room looks adorable!! You are so creative, and I have thought that even before this post. So proud of you for attempting to go to Roberts again. You crack me up.

  4. Super-cute room, inspired me to tackle a bookshelf-repainting project I've been wanting to do. You've also inspired me to copy the fabric stretched over a frame idea at some point, very nice.


  5. lori! how are you? thanks for checking the blog...i should just email you to catch up. talk to you soon :)

  6. I've got some recent photos and video at if you'd like to check us out. I can't belive you're having kid #4! When is your due date by the way? Already past?