Wednesday, May 30, 2007

name newsflash

i am officially counting down to the scheduled c-sectioned arrival of our next bambino...2 weeks, 4 days, and 8 hours. YAY!!!!!!!!! as many of you know, I HATE BEING PREGNANT. but this entry isn't about me, it's about our new little one. this poor girl has gone through more name changes than someone in the witness protection program being chased by the mafia. but we have arrived at a final, non-negotiable, never to be ever changed again decision as to what her name will be: (insert tooting horn sound) LULU BRIGGS. i never was a devoted fan of lillie and jon really only agreed to edie because what can a guy really do when his wife pulls the "i've borne all your children and i hate being pregnant so i'm choosing the name of this baby" card? lulu was in the running before and was ousted by our 3 yr old, which we realize now is not such a healthy thing for any of us. sooooooooooo.....lulu briggs will be joining our family in 2 wks, 4 days, 7 hrs, and 54 minutes...if i can keep from going into labor before then. wish me luck!!!

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