Saturday, May 12, 2007

still alive and kickin'...

well, the DR has come and gone, and so have almost 2 months...geezola!!! jon's in LA shooting the wedding of the dude who did his website and the kiddos are down (HALLELUJAH) so i thought now would be as good a time as any to post. here are just a few goings on of the canlas clan since march...

isaac had his first swim lesson thanks to auntie teetee who needed kiddo volunteers for her recertification class. it was kind of more weird than i thought letting him go to do something by himself. they made us parents sit up in an observatory booth as to not distract the kids. isaac did great and it was good practice for me letting him just go and do stuff.

on the second day of his 2 day swim lessons, jon made it to see the last part of it and we decided to make a date of it with all three of us. we went to diego's for dinner because they have quesadillas that isaac will eat and jon and i are always up for the best carne asada in utah. i think the jarritos had gotten to them by the time i took this picture. i think they were dancing or something...but it was happy nonetheless.

after diego's we thought free hot doughnuts would be a good finish to the evening. isaac really never gets tired of watching those orbs of dough go by on the converyer belt. they are the tastiest too right after they are fried and iced. yumm-o!!!

and here are just a few pics from the DR. jon may have mentioned that we didn't love the country so much, but it was DEFINITELY amazing to have so much down time together. here i am with my pregnant belly...OH!!! big news...lillie's name has been officially changed (in my book) to edie mae. cute, yeah? jon's only sold if she's white and claims that if she's brown that she's still lillie mae. we'll see. i might have to pull my "i've born all of your children and i hate being pregnant so i get to pick her name" card. we'll see how we all feel after the c-section and we've actually met the girl. :)

the classic "no one is here to take our picture, so put the camera way above us so we don't look fat" picture :)

these last three epitomize how we spent our time when jon was not shooting...besides all of the mediocre food. this one is jon checking his email. even an 8 hour flight between us and home couldn't keep him from checking his email...i guess he could have worse addictions...and i always forget that this addiction is what pays our bills most of the time...ok, no more complaining :)

this is a picture of jon discovering the glory of the massage. and once he realized he could actually request them to focus on his feet, he was in heaven. i think he went back twice just to have his feet massaged. they really hurt sometimes with all the standing and chasing brides he does on such a normal basis. and my fingers don't last as long as the dominicans' so he really was just happy to have someone willing to keep massaging and not stop because her hands were worn out.

and last, but not least, here we have documented some of the many minutes we talked to our kids on the phone while we were over there. one would think that we'd be happy to just be away, and we were, but without fail, when jon and i are on vacation without them, we ALWAYS miss them and talk about how they'd love to be with us doing this or that. so that's the DR and the update folks. hopefully my next post won't take so long to make its way to the world wide web. peace.

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