Tuesday, March 20, 2007

last entry before the dominican...

well, we're off the the DR tonight and i thought i'd get one more post in before we head off for what i think will really be our last big trip before we start being a normal family who doesn't travel all the time...we'll see though, because that's what we've said before every baby is born. :)

i think this is jon's favorite picture of ruby ever...and i took it!

here's isaac doing his favorite thing in the world as of late - JUMPING!!! he's gotten pretty good at it and what i love is the "worn out" factor and the long night's sleep they (and we) are all getting now. yay for trampolines!!!

this is at my mom's house on one of the first warmer days this year. ila sat there for more that 15 minutes literally just hanging out. we'd push her every once in a while, but for the most part she just sat. funny how little it takes to make kiddos happy.

the best part of last week was a surprise visit from beepa. he called me on monday night and talking like everything was normal and asked how the kids were and then asked if he could come read isaac a bedtime story. what?!?! he had just landed in SLC and was on his way to the house. it was a super fun time hanging out with everyone and the kids are starting to remember him when he comes...so much so that they surrounded him one afternoon and held him hostage on the couch for a movie. i don't think he minded at all.


  1. So fun! How was the DR? You'll put up pics, right?

    Can you email me your email address (or just email me and then I'll have your email address lol) so I can send you an invite to my blog? I'm getting paranoid after some random comments by people I don't know and so I want to make it more private.


  2. i don't know your email, but mine is callie241@gmail.com...i actually didn't take that many pictures in the DR...lame, i know. but jon has some great ones on his business blog at canlasphotography.blogspot.com

    hope you guys are well!!!