Thursday, March 08, 2007

i'm not pregnant or anything...

ummm, after finishing what i thought was my last blog entry of the night i headed downstairs for that all too familiar decision of late that happens around this time every night. ice cream or water? ice cream or water? tonight i realized i didn't have a chance when i actually counted the numbers in my army of opposition. ice cream won tonight...brownie batter to be exact. but my friends, i have to tell you that loosing can be just as sweet as victory...sometimes :)


  1. I went on the Ben & Jerry's factory tour when I was meandering about Vermont last summer and it was like I died and went to heaven. I wasn't even pregnant or anything.

    Callie, my friend, we need to be in a recipe club or something. I'll start:
    I've been trying forever to find a pizza dough recipe that rivals a SF pizzeria and this one may be the winner. I baked a few for dinner tonight and both D'Arcy and Rebecca gave it thumbs up. I agreed.

  2. i'll get a recipe to you soon...but i can promise you know that it won't involve baking or yeast or measuring too much of anything. i don't think i have the patience for it...even for pizza dough. how pathetic is that? but my food sho' is good. :)

  3. Sho'nuf, yo' vittles is good: I've been craving a Philly à la Callie. But when, oh when will you give in to the dark side and accept the divine order of baking? I made calzones with the leftover dough last night and
    Do we need to rent all of the seasons of a certain show based on 4 gals in NYC and bake away a weekend? Shucks, that just might do it.