Friday, February 23, 2007

kids are still sleeping so i thought i'd add some pics...

the snow storm today made me long for our january trip to california. the warmth, the sun, the relaxation...sigh...jon's auntie and uncle live there as well as his cousin tina so it was fun to see them and hang out. we met curtis, amy, and caleb at sea world and disneyland too. sea world was fun, but disneyland not so much. i think next time we go, the kiddos need to be older and we need to make it over to california advertureland as well. but it's all good. we managed to leave the cold and i think i even got sunburned :). here's some pics from our little excursion and some other random ones too...

tita tina met up with us for our short trip to the zoo...p.s. don't ever go to the san diego zoo an hour before it closes. not the greatest of ideas in terms of seeing everything or in terms of how much it cost for how short of a time we were there. yikes!

ruby was pretty pooped by the end of it all

isaac thought the shark tunnel at seaworld was AMAZING

caleb's gotten alot braver about his true feelings towards ila...we're still working on her to reciprocate

the belugas at sea world really liked jon

television watching has become pretty dangerous these days...thus the scooter helmet isaac "borrowed" from uncle beal that he wears alot now...he even wore it outside today when he went out to play in the snow with jon. good thing too, because he totally biffed it and landed on his head, but thanks to the helmet he wasn't hurt!

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