Friday, February 23, 2007

change of direction...

i've been meaning to post for so long, but it just doesn't happen. i was actually thinking i didn't have anything to really blog about and then it hit me. what have we been doing lately? ENTERTAINING. man, i feel like we've made up for our lack of having people over for the last 18 months in the last 2 weeks. and it's been fun! not stressful at all. i forgot how much i really miss creating a yummy environment for people to come together and eat and talk and enjoy. it all started with a surprise baby shower with curried chicken salad sandwiches, then the super bowl and some killer buffalo wings, a "lost" party with fish and chips, and tonight i'll try my hand at cheesesteaks. (i even had the butcher cut the meat super thin and everything.) i decided it would be better to have pics of the food to help enhance interest in the whole thing, so i'll start tonight and see how much longer this entertaining kick, i love food. or maybe just having happy, full people around me. i'll think more about it and get back to you...peace.

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