Saturday, March 03, 2007

catching up...

i've finally figured out and finished organizing all of my digital picture files and now they are nicely filed away with descriptive names for folders and dates and everything. here are a few of my recent favorites...
one night before bed, ila and ruby discoverd the joys of "couch playing" and took turns climbing and falling off of it. ruby's turning out to be our little dare devil. who'd have thunk?

ruby is also our dancing queen. anytime she hears any music she'll somehow start moving to the beat, whether she's in the carseat or playing upstairs or showing off for the camera...p.s. she's really into wearing other people's shoes too

i can't remember what they were doing but the phrase "strike a pose" seems rather appropriate, don't you think?

ila LOVES to be hung upside down. this time dad's indulging her, but she gets most of her inverted time thanks to uncle ditah who will walk around for a long while just holding her upside down on his's weird because she literally just hangs out. no blood rushing to the head or anything.

we've been graced with the presence of our favorite daniel potter muchos as of late and this is from our "lost" celebration. we decided to celebrate the weekly return of our favorite show with a real party consisting of dann, rebecca, d'arcy, cole & suzy, and millie & micah...lots of our favorite people. dan was making us some mind blowing chocolate souffle here. what a treat!

preceeding the chocolate happiness brought by dan, we indulged in cheesesteaks. i'd never made them before, but was inspired by bobby flay's (of the food network) new show called "throwdown". he shows up to the production of some talented cook's food network video profile and challenges them to a cookoff of their signature dish. a couple of nights before it had been cheesesteaks. so i took on the challenge and man were they tasty...

this is just me slaving away, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, over those tasty cheesesteaks. cooked to order and yummy, yummy!


  1. That is the coolest picture of Ruby and Ila at the very beginning and then dancing queen Ruby right after it. They are the bomb. I'm glad my first little one will have them as mentor playmates.

  2. THe canlas kids are THE cutest!