Monday, October 09, 2006

que verguenza...

somehow i always manage to post lots of pictures and then not post for a month. well, here i am again...more than a month since my last post and finally writing something. i don't have pictures because i'm too tired to get up, go to my room, come back, upload the pictures and then think of something funny to write underneath then. so tonight...just an anecdote.

"que verquenza" translates from spanish to english as "how embarrassing" (and yes people, i just had to look up the word "embarrassing" on to find out if it had one "r" or two...and this coming from the winner of her 2nd grade class spelling bee..."que verguenza!"). since many words in spanish and english are similiar, you'd think that the word for "embarrassed" might be "embarasada"...but no, no, no, no, no, my friends, that word means "pregnant". so know your spanish before you use it. case in point:

a sister missionary, fairly new to the mission, was asked to bear her testimony in spanish to a certain spanish speaking congregation. but she was obedient, so she did as she was asked. she got up in front of everyone and said, "estoy tan embarasada y es el culpa de el!" and pointed to the mission president. she was hoping she had said, "i'm so embarrassed and it's all his fault", but no my friends. instead she had said, "i am so pregnant and it's all his fault" pointing to the mission president.

although i'm not experiencing that amount of embarrassment that young lady must have felt when her kind and very amused companion informed her of what she had really just said, i am embarrassed for not having posted sooner. more pictures and updates of the canlas clan to come. ole!!!

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