Tuesday, October 17, 2006

from the mouthes of babes...well toddlers

hey dudes...i'm doing the coolest thing right now. i'm sitting on the couch in my bedroom, watching season 1 disc 3 of "the west wing", and blogging all at the same time. it finally happened ladies and gentlemen, jon and i have finally entered the realm of those who peruse the internet on their beloved laptop computers. i like it.

isaac wasn't doing well tonight and i think he spent about 2 hours in his bedroom, yelling that he didn't want to be there. he's figured out how to open his door, despite the "childproof" device we installed to avoid such things. so he came out and jon had calmed down by then from the kickin and the scratching...that isaac had done to jon, not vice versa. anyway, jon was going to work out with curtis tonight, but curtis called and said they were working on finishing their basement...so jon told him he was on his way to lay tile. isaac's timing was good to come out and somehow managed an invitation to uncle curtis's house.

on his way down the stairs to the car isaac said, "i like the dark. the dark is fun. for three minutes okay? i'm happy now." isaac doesn't usually stay up past dark, so he's come to realize that staying up late is fun.

a couple of nights ago, we were saying isaac's prayers and thanking for and asking for different things and i said, "...and please bless dad" and isaac repeated, "...and please bless dad" and i said "...and please bless the girlies" and isaac repeated,"...and please bless the girlies" and i said,"...and please bless the baby in mommy's tummy" and isaac said," huh?". we'd already told isaac about the pregnancy, but i guess it didn't set in until we talked to the big guy about it.

cute kiddo, huh?

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  1. callie. I just read your blog(s) and I'm so glad you got to come to my sealing and feel all of those wonderful things again. Your babies are beautiful. keep on keeping on