Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i'm baaaaaaack...

is it portland again? no!! it's san fran, but they all look the same, because there's only us to take pictures :)

cute little pumpkin head

isaac's aspiring photography...not bad

so demure you think...boy, has she got us fooled...see the next picture

crazy...they say she's crazy...

the saddest face of isaac i have EVER that why jon took the picture?

me love cookies (well, the batter) good enough for me

we're jammin' in the rain, just jammin' in the rain...

jon doing what jon does best

our one and only...UNCLE DITAH!!!!

how they all looked and smiled at the same time is beyond me

he really was happy. we were without children, in san francisco, eating at must be that staff infection on his nose.

i always tell jon he's stronger than he realizes (like when he plays dead on top of me and i can't breathe) but i think he really got it when he tried to lift up the arm rest that doesn't move by the window on the airplane...and it broke.

more yummy panera

ruby's first happy birthday baskin robbins yumminess...i think she liked it

like i said, i don't know how she always smiles at the right time, but dang she's cute.

chrissie came over in cowgirl attire one night and isaac liked her boots. they must have been having a ho-down or something...look at how red his face is.

beepa must have told isaac it was good luck to rub his head

i messed up when i uploaded these, but they are some of ila's first steps and one of our favorite family activities...pulling the kiddos on the mexican blanket. when the blankets come out, ila will walk over to them and sit down until someone starts pulling her :)


  1. I like Micah and Camille's post. lol Just thought I'd say hello and I loved catching up with your blog. You guys look like you're having so much fun! I saw Jon's too and I'm so excited that his brother had a baby!