Friday, January 05, 2007

it's a girl...

hey's been a long time since the last blog, i know. the holidays are the holidays and the holidays are over this year. yay!!! maybe next year won't be so crazy. anyway, i had my 16 week checkup on wednesday and consequently scheduled my ultrasound for 20 wks to find out if we're having a girl or a boy. well, jon realized there was a place we could go BEFORE my 20 wk ultrasound to find out and he just couldn't wait.

so, we headed out in the snow and made our way to sandy and had the ultrasound done all together and happy. and it's a girl! to be honest, i was a bit bummed because i knew if it was a boy then we'd probably be done. but i'm over the shock of it and i'm ecstatic for our little lillie mae to join the family. jon's especially pumped because as much as he loves his girls, isaac is still his only little dude.

i'll try to post the dvd of the ultrasound and i found my camera, after loosing it when we got home from hawaii, so more blogs and more pics to come. :)

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