Monday, August 14, 2006

fo' rizzle...

holy crap, i'm tired. but i've started so many entries and not posted them, that it's been a MONTH since i've blogged. oh the shame...we left for california last wednesday and just got back today. i love being in merced. it's just a regular town like every other town but i love it and i miss it and i'll use any excuse (even my sister's good friend's wedding) to get there. jon stayed here and got lots done but he's gone again until wednesday.

it will be one week since we've seen each other by the time he gets back, but it will have been four years since we married that life-changing day in oakland. life gets so busy that i forget how happy i am and how amazingly blessed and lucky and fortunate i am to have my husband. they say that there's not really just one person for you, but i'm not so sure. i know he's the best one for me and the only one for me...(this might get mushier, just to warn you. i'm tired and i miss my husband and i'm waxing poetic...continue at your own risk)...the only one for me who could be so patient and make me feel so safe and so happy. i always say that he'll keep me living longer if only because of the laughter.

being in randi's sealing was perfect. when you get married yourself you are too nervous or excited or in shock to remember what they say. that's why i love being at other people's sealings. the sealer just reminded me the scope of what we're doing. it's huge and it's hard and it's happy and i don't have words to express the contentment and joy that i get to do this with jon. i love you babe. hurry home.

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  1. Yes. Please hurry home. We love you too, Jon...