Saturday, May 20, 2006


so isaac put on his dad's beanie this morning because it was out from jon wearing it to the da vinci code last night (which was pretty good by the way and i still believe in jesus)...then he put it on ruby's head and then i put it on ila and i couldn't help but think that my children look an awful lot like a tokin' musician beloved by all..."no woman, no cry!" (ry that's for you). so here is my little rasta-gang of kiddos...

p.s. i don't know why that typed as a link...i'm still learning people. :)

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  1. These are the cutest pictures ever. Tahnk goodness you got a digital camera. They are so fun. I love looking at these blogs and I was just wondering... The internet can't ever get too crowded, right? I mean, will these blogs still be here when Isaac, Ruby and Ila have their own kids? That will be great for them to see their lives in the day to day. I love blogs.