Friday, May 26, 2006

latest family outing...

jon and i have weird culinary's a bit like the combination of our two personalities, in a word: EXTREME. we're one of those opposites attract couples and somehow that's translated into our dining out world. we either eat really great food or just do the white trash thing. case in point: jon took his mom out to the roof (which was quite improved from the last time we were there) for mother's day. and not even a week later we all head over to golden corral for dinner. and sorry, not to bad mouth golden corral. their food is actually not that bad for how many people they feed a day and how much it costs...we all ate there for under $30. anyway, it's just not the roof. so here are some pics from our last family outing. isaac's hair was crazy and he has chocolate all over his face. i love that kid.

p.s. ila really liked that balloon

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