Saturday, May 20, 2006


things we do to not feel like we're always in of the things i love best about utah is the relatively large population of polynesians, including those from the lovely aloha land of hawaii...which by default equates to hawaiian shave ice (not shaved ice). shave ice is one of the things you HAVE to get when you're in oahu. the swap meet has the best shave ice and it's open every wednesday, saturday, and sunday. matsomoto's shave ice in haleiwa is pretty good and famous too. jason and karen are in hawaii right now and jon was a little envious. so we headed out in search to get our fix and they were open...hallelujah!!! they opened earlier this year than last, i think because of how much hotter it is now than this time last year. we're sooo excited for november and it wil be tons o' fun too with all the familia. yay for hawaii!!!

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