Tuesday, May 09, 2006

pictures can't really speak but they make my blog cooler...

well, i finally got my camera and there are finally pictures on my blog...has everyone already given up on me? don't do it!!! i'm back!!! and it'll be more interesting than ever. i'm still working on the format of this whole thing. jon helped me a little bit, but our controlling personalities wouldn't let us teach/learn anymore than what you see right here.

picture #1 is of our lovely girdles (as i so lovingly call them, because the two of them together made me wear my first one until the tummy skin regained consciousness) together. the first one i took had ila "the tank" canlas in the foreground and it was a bit too disproporotionate between ila's cute nogen (sp?) and petite ruby lou. so this was take number two and they look the same size even though ila's sitting a good foot behind rubes. it's all good. we love all our girdles...i mean our girls the same.

i lovingly call this shot "snaggletooth #1" ila has the most contagious smile of all our kiddos and i think one of the reasons are tooth 1 and tooth 2 in
that pretty little mouth of hers. ruby doesn't have any teeth yet, but she's still managed to have the same runny nose. go figure. poor little ila is sacrificing so much for these teeth too. the constant nose wiping has led to a tender nose with a few owies too. but like i said, she's our little tank and is taking it all in stride as you can see from her loveable smile.

this picture of ruby should erase all doubts of asian heritage. i think i'll call her my "little buddah" from now on. she might have to work on those earlobes though for anyone else to go for it.

and here we have our proud big brother...and his "tooth smile". it's the only way we can get him to smile while he's posing. he's not as scary as he looks, despite the looks of fear and "please help us now" looks on ila and ruby's faces. he's a good big brother and has already caught up on their nicknames..."rubes" and "girdles". we're still working on a nickname for ila besides "the tank" and "snaggletooth". any suggestions?

anyone who knows isaac knows that isaac LOVES chocolate. i really think that one of his first multi-word utterances included "i love chocolate". he's even substituted the word "chocolate" for the color brown in his vocabulary.

licking the spoon was the ultimate...just the ultimate growing up for me. so i figured since isaac has this passion for chocolate, that i'd better let him lick the spoon for as long as he can before his hormone crazed sisters take over this duty.

well, love everybody lots and i think i'll rededicate myself to the blogging again and there will be pictures!!!

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  1. Callie,

    These pictures are great! Those litte ones are such sweeties!

    Love you all!