Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fun weekend with pictures to prove it...

here's just some random pictures from this weekend. i still need to practice this whole uploading and posting pictures thing...so here they are!!

here's isaac and uncle beal on mother's day after the tri-tip, grilled veggie, sourdough bread, and creme brulee feast. isaac LOVES thomas the train and he rotates through the aunties convincing them to get on the website with him. it must be millie's turn here. and once again we have isaac's "teeth smile" for the camera...he really is happy though...we found out on sunday that thomas is coming through heber with sir topham hat and jon got tickets. wouldn't you be happy too?

here we have the men of the canlas clan doing what they do best...hanging out. jon's said i don't know how many times, that his favorite part of life and what makes crappy brides and crazy m.o.b.'s all worth it is being able to go out to his hammock and hang. i guess now he's somehow convinced isaac to do the pushing. good luck dude!

and here we have post shower isaac and the girdles trying to figure out how to maneuver the unknown world of stairs. ila made it up two steps yesterday before abruptly falling down twice. once she landed on the tush and once i think she landed on her head. she only cried until i picked her up and then she was fine. tough kiddos i have...
don't tell anybody but all the kiddos are officially forward facing...this is on the way to gammy's for mother's day. i officially fell in love with our pediatrician when he told me that the girls were almost close enought to the health department's "regulation" weight of 20 lbs to be forward facing. besides just the sheer cuteness of three little ones looking at me in the rear view mirror, everyone (especially ila as you can see) is much happier to be looking at the world instead of the back of some chair in the car.

mother's day was fun for all this year and we have a new addition to family...well not really the family, but he's a new friend. matt dale. he and catie had about 10 trillion classes together this year and are now officially dating. he's a cool dude and likes to rock climb. he and catie will be at UVSC together next fall and then he'll head out on the mission. as you can tell from the picture, ruby can't take her eyes off him either.

we weren't just trying to get a picture of ruby's booty here...we just wanted to show off her yoga skills. but seriously, RUBY HATES GRASS and this little chica will do anything so as little of her body as possible will be in contact with the green stuff.

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  1. I love the pictures! Cute cute cute.A Keep them coming! Izzie isn't even forward facing yet, poor girl. I think my pediatrician is holding out for the official twenty pounds so she has two pounds to go!