Friday, May 26, 2006

home is where you hang out...

i finally conviced jon that we would benefit greatly from finishing our was the only room in the house that didn't quite feel like "us" and we spend kind of alot of time anyway, i found this great bedding at a great price and i got it. jon said he would cover the furniture so out we went. we headed straight for our beloved RC WILLEY. now i know those of you familiar with this furniture establishment might be thinking, "What are they talking about?!? RC Willey is overpriced, overrated, and just plain not cool!!!" i have to say in their defense that somehow we are always able to find amazing deals on amazing furniture. i think it's because the normal RC Willey shopper probably hates the stuff we end up buying and that's why it's on clearance. anyway, here are the pics. we still have one more of those armless animal print chairs coming and we're not sure what to do with the cedar chest when that happens...anyway, here's our new bedroom!

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