Sunday, November 20, 2005

you just think some things will never happen...

today one of those things happened. the guy i taught my first charla to in uruguay was here at my house in lehi after having served his own mission and he's going to marry a girl who served there after i did. it's all kosher....but they're getting married in january in the salt lake temple. as he sat there with tears in his eyes thanking me for bringing him the gospel it didn't really hit me what was happening. i didn't get emotional about it at all. i just told him that's what happens...people go on missions and find people who are ready and they are the ones who decide to do all the hard work. i told him he knew just what i was talking about....he served a mission himself and he taught people and fought for them and prayed for them and cried for them. but now as i sit here i realize that still it wasn't just me that helped him...however i can't get one thing out my head that he said. he told me i never gave up on him. and we didn't. agency is a wonderful thing and he chose to change. at the same time we chose to keep going and not give up on him. and our prayers were answered.

i'm realizing it's the same with my dad. catie was brave and told him she wants him back and she wants him happy and she wants him in the temple when she's married. that's truth. that's good. everything that's happened with my dad since that pivotal day has been true and good. and hard. but i'm not going to give up. i can be real with him like i was real with edgardo. i can pray for and cry for and hope for like i did with edgardo. and it won't be me that makes the change. it will be my dad. and i think one day i'll sit in the same room and have the same conversation with one variable different. it'll be my dad on the couch with tears in his eyes thanking me for not giving up on him. like catie said "i can't wait......"

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