Tuesday, November 22, 2005

people are people

you know how everyone always says they never want to do certain things their parents did or certain things other people do that really annoy them? well i've come to the conclusion that certain characteristics we tend to associate with certain people are really associated to us all. people are people.

i came home today from running errands and i lost it. i was passive aggressive. i was grumpy. i pouted. i swore. all for no real reason at all. i'd been thinking about some really hard stuff all day long and i acted out. (about 50% of the words i just used i swore i never would...but i did.)

luckily enough, my forgiving husband let it go despite my hypocrisy and short-lived bout of insanity. i'm alot more like the people i have issues with than not. and that's okay. i understand her more now.

p.s. no reference was intended to whatever crappy 80's band it is that sings that "people are people" song....YIKES!!!