Thursday, August 05, 2010

mei, be reasonable...

that's currently my favorite line from our family's favorite neighbor totoro. lots of times when our kiddos watch lots of movies they get mean and confused and bored. but i really think that totoro makes them nicer. no joke.

knowing talented people is really fun. veeda threw her daughter a totoro themed birthday a couple of weeks ago and we got to go. i'm still trying to get up the courage to try making our kiddos their own totoro doll. and that hot dog her hubby made...holy moly. check out the whole post here. so, so fun :)

and here's a super cute pic of isaac making dessert sushi that veeda's husband warms my heart how much he's into what he's doing. thanks for the invite guys!


  1. That seriously looked like an awesome party. I loved the sushi idea with the rice krispie treats and the fruit roll ups. Totally creative. :)

  2. I'm so glad you guys came. We love hanging out with your fam.