Sunday, July 11, 2010

up too late...

...reading blogs. this was her monday moment and my 4:46am sunday moment :) lots of understanding, respect, perspective and promises.

"please know that it is worth it now, then and forever"
"i know deep down inside i am doing God's work"
"yours is the work of salvation and therefore you will be magnified, compensated. made more than you are, better than you are, better than you've ever been"
"you are doing terrifically well"
"rely on Him. rely on Him heavily. rely on Him forever."


  1. Did you cry?

    I cried...

    Thanks, exactly what I needed to hear, as I am sure many others. I like how these women are ordinary women dealing with the ordinary tasks and challenges we face daily. (Loved the toilet episode) I am sure to come back here to this post when I need a lift again!

  2. i needed this today. i have yet to watch the video...i need to be in the best frame of mind possible...but your words have inspired me to put it on my list to be brave and watch it.

  3. i love this one. i think that i've watched it once/day for the last week.

    thanks for making me watch it again;)

  4. I finally just watched this - and it was soo good. I often feel like I'm not measuring up because my kids aren't playing several instruments, writing they're own name by three, or a million other things. I really like hearing that heaven sends angels down for us. I hope they do, they know I need them.

  5. last week, jon told me to watch this every time things got super hard or when i felt like i wasn't doing a good job as a mom. he said it's everything he wants to tell me that he can't put into words...and that i'm a great mom too. it's so nice to hear that every once in a while :)