Monday, June 07, 2010

this just in...

so weston's surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow...june 15th. tomorrow morning, june 8th, he'll be headed in for a minor same day surgery. just some stuff to get ready for the big shabang. we're feeling good about it all and still so grateful to be so close to some of the best doctors, surgeons, and nurses around. we'll keep you updated :)


  1. A). You are looking so good after five! B). I'm in love with your family. Everyone is so happy looking all the time and I really love to see pictures of Weston, he's so adorable. I have a family crush on you guys.


  2. thanks mo :) and just so you know, i'm jealous of your brown kiddo. looks like we didn't get a single one! hope you guys are great!

  3. I wish we had gotten a brown kiddo too. :( Too bad, maybe in the forevers. Just saw on fb that the same day surgery went well. We are all praying over here like mad. Let us know if you need us okay? xo

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  5. Whoa cool, I like the comment before mine. =o)

    Good luck with the surgeries. I'll definitely be praying for your family and I believe in miracles. Be strong, little man!

  6. I hope all goes well! I will be prayin'.

  7. prayers with you on the eve of surgery. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo