Wednesday, December 30, 2009

adding insult to injury...

little dude kept pulling tubes out of himself that he wasn't supposed to. so they put his arms in what i think they called "no-no bands". it's like a straight jacket for his arms that make it impossible for him to bend his arms. and they try to make them cute with the animal print, but it doesn't help. i just couldn't stop laughing when he looked at me like, "mom, really? i already have all this crap in me and now this?" i think laughing helps me not cry :)


  1. he is just too stinking cute. glad he is home.

  2. Oh my - no wonder he is the love of all the nurses. Look at that face! Jack had to wear these braces when he had his eye surgery to keep from scratching. There was something very horrible about them - as happy as they make them look. Our sweet Weston - we think and pray about and for it all the time...welcome back home.